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"PonyQuest" vs. "Pony Quest"

(NOTE: This is largely copy-and-pasted from this post from my other blog, so… sorry if you follow both that one and this one.)

So it turns out my project isn’t the only pony game project about questing ponies. gerebil pointed me to deviantART user Blue-Cup, who is apparently making his own pony game, called "Pony Quest."

First of all, let me just say: this excites me. I fully support and endorse anyone who’s making pony fangames; it’s why I created /r/ponygames. The more pony fangames being made out there, the better! This is why I started making PonyQuest to begin with: I wanted to enable other people to make their own pony adventure games with roughly as much programming experience as it takes to operate RPG Maker, instead of having to learn a complicated tool like Adventure Game Studio, or write one from scratch.

On the other hand, this is kind of troubling… but not because I’m, like, super protective of my project’s title or anything, but because I don’t want our two projects to be confused. When I started PonyQuest (the first source code commit was September 13th, but I’d been planning it for a few days prior to then), I made sure to Google for “PonyQuest” to make sure the name hadn’t been taken. I remember finding some YouTube video titled “PonyQuest,” but it was about seeking out MLP merch or something. Maybe he had started his project, but I didn’t find it because Google can be bad at finding obscure things like deviantART posts sometimes, or maybe it was because I searched for “PonyQuest” and not “Pony Quest.” I dunno, though, because, from what I can tell, his first journal post about working on his project was written October 14th, and he only refers to it as “Pony Quest” for the first time the next day, October 15th.

I’m only saying this because I’m starting to feel a little bad if it turns out I inadvertently jacked this guy’s project name. I’m cool with coexisting with his project, as they technically have different titles, but if it comes down to it, I’m willing to rename my project and let him keep “Pony Quest.” His project is an actual game that contains ponies that actually go on a quest, and he’s clearly put a lot of work into the art assets and stuff… he deserves the title more than my project does.

To clarify, though:

"PonyQuest" (my project) is a program that lets you create your own pony point-and-click adventure games, and play pony point-and-click adventure games that other people have made. It is my own custom engine that I’m writing from scratch. It is not a game, really, as much as it is a tool to make your own games with. Think of it as RPG Maker, but for making pony point-and-click adventure games (NOT RPGs). I am not making any of the art for it (not counting programmer art), because I’m terrible at art. I’m not doing any writing for any games created with it (though maybe once it’s a little more done?), because I’m terrible at writing.

"Pony Quest" (Blue-Cup’s project) is a JRPG-style game created using RPG Maker 2003. Blue-Cup has made all of his own art assets (except for the music). He’s also writing the story, and scripting out everything that happens in the game. However, like I said, it’s made with RPG Maker 2003 (not that this is a bad thing!).

I’ll have to get into touch with Blue-Cup soon so we can figure out what to do about all this. It’s by no means a big deal at all (at least, to me), but it’d still be nice to talk to him. Plus, I’m fully supportive of anyone working on a pony game of any sort, because I just want there to be more pony games. Heck, after I post this, I’m going to go post a link to his stuff in /r/ponygames.

So yeah, sorry about any confusion, and sorry if this was way too ramble-y (it totally was).

TL;DR “Pony Quest” is not my game. “PonyQuest” (my project) is an engine that lets you play and make point-and-click adventure games. “Pony Quest” is a JRPG made using RPG Maker 2003, by Blue-Cup (not me). I don’t know which one came first (though it looks like mine did), but I’m willing to either have our projects coexist or rename my project. Sorry about any confusion!

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